Nick is a 14 year old half-Japanese boy. He was riding in a packed black Mercedes on the way to a wedding when he died with chocolate on his face; now he is stuck in formal clothes and a chocolate covered mouth for eternity. 

He is initially enamored with Mary, but realizes that she is harming Afterlights and must be stopped. Nick chooses to start working to defeat Mary and help Afterlights move on. By Everwild, his chocolate smudge has spread and almost half his body is covered in chocolate, thus going by his other name: The Chocolate Ogre, as Mary called him. He travels across the Everwilds on Charlie's ghost train in search of other Afterlights to help him fight Mary. At the end of Everwild, he temporarily loses all form due to the vortex of Graceland. At the end of Everfound, Nick chooses to stay to help other Afterlights 'get where they're going'.