Michael 'Mikey' McGill is the 14-year-old brother of Megan McGill. After escaping the earth's core by becoming a monster, he encounters a ghost ship where he spends nearly 30 years looting and "kidnapping" Afterlights after believing a fortune in a chinese fortune cookie stating that, in exchange for 1000 souls, he can return to the land of the living.

Initially an antagonist, Mikey has a change of heart at the end of Everlost, mostly renouncing his actions as The McGill and seeking to redeem himself. He accompanies Allie in her request to return to her home to meet her parents one last time. Mikey has the ability to change his form into anything he wishes. Mikey may come off as selfish and proud, but he secretly loves Allie with all his heart. When he shows the emotion of love, his afterglow turns a faint lavender color, as do all Afterlights when feeling this emotion.